I was the buyer's agent on this property and my buyers were first time homeowners and had a lot of questions about this older home.  Ron was so great with them.  He spent a lot of time going over things with them and even down to the smallest detail he gave them tips on how to fix it themselves.  My clients were very impressed at the amount of knowledge and expertise that Ron has and said that they would recommend him to any of their friends when they needed a home inspector. 
I use Ron on all my home my inspections because of the level of care and comfort he gives to my clients.  By the end of the inspection my clients are fully aware of the type of home they are buying and feel very comfortable with it.
I highly recommend Ron as your home inspector, he will not let you down.
Kathleen Ennis - Grupe Real Estate

Very good inspection, very well explained, I liked him and his work. I recommend him.. honest guy.
Luis-Stockton, CA

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I am very pleased with the inspection that Ron Felton did on our hopefully new home. He was very thorough and took the time to explain in great detail the findings he found. I am very glad we had our home inspection completed by Ron because now we know what we are getting ourselves into when purchasing this home. I highly recommend Ron Felton to anyone who is in need of a home ispection.
Blanca-French Camp, CA

Thank you so much for making it easier to make our decision in purchasing our last two investment properties.  You gave us peace of mind knowing exactly what was wrong and needed attention in the homes.  We know how much more these homes were going to cost us either now or in the near future.  Very good bargaining tool for us to get the price down by the seller!  Thanks again, and we would never call anyone else to do our next home inspection, because Ron is the best around....and we just love his smart daughter, she will one day take over the business for dad:)
John & Angela-Stockton, CA

Our gas dryer vent exits through the roof.  During our pre-purchase inspection by Ron, he discovered that a previous repairman had cut away the protective cover over the outlet so that he could access the vent pipe for cleaning.  It was not replaced and essentially open to the elements.  I repaired it, but without Ron's input and subsequent repair, a strong rain could have resulted in a substantial amount of water going down the vent and into the dryer - something I didn't need with a gas dryer.  
Jack-Stockton, CA

Very thorough. Honest. Verbal and emailed report easy to understand. Gave me complete peace of mind on the condition of my home. Would highly recommend to friends and family.
Melissa-Stockton, CA

Your winterizing tips are great!  Having moved from sunny San Diego to Stockton, I had no idea it could and would get so cold so fast.  I'm going to do some of those tips you suggested right away and get my sweetheart to work on some this weekend too. 
I was looking around but didn't find a section with links to professionals, such as Chimney Sweeps, that you would recommend.  Since many of the people who use your services for inspection may be coming from out of the area, you may want to include links to others professionals you trust and see if they will do the same for you on their sites.  It could boost business and will certainly make your customers happy.  After all, they know what great and thorough work you do on your inspections and they are probably hoping to find other professionals who are as competent in their fields as you are in yours.
Christine-Stockton, CA

Before we bought our home, I shopped around to find an affordable price for a Home Inspection.  When I called Ron, he was priced significantly lower than any other place I had called.  He completed the thorough inspection and within 3 days had emailed me a link to our home inspection that was posted online.  I was very impressed with the organization, notations and color pictures that went along with each area.  It was very detailed and easy to access.  Ron was very personable and professional.  I would recommend him to anyone looking for a high quality home inspection.
Lauren-Stockton, CA

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We met up with Ron at the inspected property as he was finishing his service. He took us through the ENTIRE house to educate us on what he found and what we were looking into buying. We climbed a ladder and thoroughly inspected the roof, and pretty much everything below it. It was nice to gain his foresight on what we might look into replacing or repairing in the near future, where he saw age or wear. Better yet, we gained a new excitement over the perks of the house we were unable to see. We left with no questions unanswered and were invited to call him if we came up with any. I've never experienced a more interactive, educational tour. Thanks Ron, you're the very best!! 
Jerilyn-Stockton, CA

We are very happy with the services provided by Ron.  He has inspected two of our properties and we will get his services in the future again.  He is very knowledgeable and thorough. We are glad we found a reliable inspector.
Thanks Ron!
Wendy-Stockton, CA

Thanks for your results and I was really impressed for what you did in your websites it was very professional. I really appreciate you for helping me to find the right color in that house, and I finally did it and it was a perfect match.
Romeo-Lathrop, CA

As usual, you were thorough not only in your inspection, but in explaining everything to my buyers and putting it in terms they could understand.  Thank you for being so responsive and always doing an outstanding job.  I look forward to using you to do all my inspections.
Brandy Phillipy, Grupe Real Estate

Mr. Ron was very helpful and we excellent service from him. I would recommend him to anybody especially to first time home buyers. For us he went above and beyond expectation.
Jawad-Stockton, CA

On behalf of my client...she writes, "we really liked Ron.  He took the time to explain everything and he was very thorough! My husband and I thought he was very kind!"
Rosemary-Palo Alto, CA

This is the third home you inspected for us. I have to say we would not buy this home without your encouragement and knowledge. As it turns out, I got the deal of the century.
Thank you, keep up the good work.
Wei-Stockton, CA

Wow, I am really impressed with the completed home inspection report. Very nice job.
Connie Church, Busy Bee Realty

Your work I like a lot!
Cesar-Stockton, CA

If I ever need a home inspection in the future, I will contact Ron. He was so helpful, and he really took he's time to really inspect the house. You can tell he has a lot of experience in home inspection and construction. He explained to us what needed repairing and how we can repair it. And he also offered us to come to the property if we ever were unsure about anything at all.
Thanks Ron!

Hi Ron,
Sorry we didn't add comments on this earlier.  We have to say your service has been very impressive.  Finding the broken sewer line saved my family much grief if we moved in before this was fixed.  The report you gave us was very detailed and the photos were very helpful.  We appreciate your professionalism and your service.
Thank you,
John Fujii, O.D.-Stockton, CA

Hi Ron,
Thank you so much for your great service, and the online report delivered as promised. My father and I appreciate the extra time you took to share the most important findings of your inspection, as well as the helpful tips and recommendations for further follow-up. Great photos! I'm printing a copy of the report. Do you by chance have this report in PDF format as well, so that I can save it to my computer? 
Best regards, 

Ron made this proces, usually a scary one for a first time
home-buyer, so much fun!! Not only did we figure out that he knew my
family and went to high school with my Uncle, but he was very easy to talk
to and explained everything in a way that was easy for me to understand.
The value of this inspection is amazing! You're getting 3 different
inspections for only $350!! Thank you so much and keep up the great work!

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My testimony of Ron's work is as follows: Ron is an excellent
and meticulous inspector. He really knows what he's doing and pays
attention to the details. He takes excellent photos and also has a really
great web sight. I am very impressed with the amount of things that are
outlined in my pre-purchase inspection and feel confident in moving
forward. Also his daughter Alexia had me in tears because she was so
bright, articulate and well composed as she thoroughly reviewed our

I was incredibly impressed by Ron Felton's professional,
expertise and openness to explaining so many helpful home owning tips. I
feel more than confident in Ron Felton's inspection report and am
comforted by knowing that I will have access to his knowledge for any
future home owner needs.

Good job on inspecting our house. We really appreciate your comments and
your expert recommendations!

It was wonderful working with Ron Felton's Home Inspection
company. He did a wonderful job. Pointed out all the minor repairs that
needed to be done. I will recommend his company to a friend, or anyone who
needs a home inspection. GREAT JOB.

My wife (Jen) and I truly appreciate the time and care that you exercised
during the inspection of our  new home.  This was our second experience in
dealing with a home inspection.  Although we believed our previous home
inspector was thorough , we realized after working with you that you
definitely go above and beyond to assure that your customers are taken
care of.  Your expertise and experience in the construction industry is
very evident.  Although my home has some defects which require repair, you
made me feel at ease and assured in my decision to purchase the home.
Thank you for all that you do, and the professionalism that you portray.
If anyone is reading this, and is thinking of hiring Ron Felton as your
home inspector, I assure you that you are in good hands.
Rob Young-Stockton, Ca.

Really great how there are photos to accompany all the inspection
comments. No more guessing as the picture completes the story. Dedication
to getting the job done even in the face of obstacles presented by the
bank. And super to set my expectations for any possible events I needed to
plan for. As the web site says, this is the only home inspection service
needed for life!

Thank you so much for doing an excellent job. My client and I are so
impressed about the time you had put in doing the inspection and going
through each step with us. He is a first-time home buyer who will be able
to use your advice in his new home. I will be recommending your services
to agents, friends and family.
Suman Singh-Altera Real Estate, Tracy

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It was great having Ron perform the home inspection on my
first-time home purchase. He explained everything in detail and gave me
very helpful tips on how to keep my home in tip-top shape for years to
come. Ron was very warm and friendly taking his time to make his
inspection as thorough as possible. I also appreciate the fact that he
made the trek from his home base in Stockton to Elk grove where I am
making my home purchase. I will definitely recommend his services to my
friends and family. Thanks Ron!
Kim-Elk Grove

Our inspector, Ron, was very honest, diligent and thorough with
our home inspection. The photos that accompanied our home inspection were
extrememly helpful. Ron answered our questions with great detail and
courtesy. He was on time and we were glad to have him inspect our home.
One suggestion would be in regard to the Report Summary.  As each topic is
discussed, it would be more user-friendly to have a link to each photo
that pertains to each particular description that is addressed in written
form. (This paragraph was Bobby's input, not mine.) )

You are a very good inspector.I am satisfy your work at my house
on Mono Ct. I apprecited very much.
Thank a lot.

Ron is an excellent home inspector. We found him through a
friend's referral, because we wanted to hire someone who is not
recommended by the real estate agents. Therefore the opinions are neutral
and impartial . It took him about 5 hours to complete the 3800 sq ft home
built in 91. He went into the addic several times to verify his findings.
The report is very thorough, 84 pages with many photos. It will serve as
our 'to do list' for years to come. He is very knowledgeable and friendly.
We would recommend him to our friends. As his business card said, his
service is the first key to your new home.

Thank you Ron for a great job, Your report and inspection is very thorough and would definitely have you conduct all my inspections without any hesitation.
All the best,

Ron did a very thorough and professional job on an REO property. Since we were buying "as is," it was really important to know exactly what we were getting into. His report was very helpful and the photos exactly what we needed to get repair estimates. I would definitely recommend Ron to anyone wanting a home inspection job done well.
Very comprehensive and useful report with detail descriptions next to each photo. Excellent service. This really exceed my expectation. Will do business again and will recommend to all of my friends who need a home inspection done. Thanks.
Loretta-Stockton, CA

I got a thorough and accurate report detailing problem areas in the house that I was buying. Used info in Ron's report to negotiate with the banks as well as to know what the hell I was buying and if it was worth the time and aggravation! Thanks Ron
Steve-Stockton, CA

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The inspection is very complete and very careful. Thanks for the inspector.
Zhenchuan-Cuppertino, CA

When I called around for quotes, he came in well below the competition. I was told the inspection would take about an hour and a half, Ron spent about 3 1/2 to 4 hours inspecting my house.The report was sent to me extremely quickly, in only about 6 hours. The speedy report was very thorough and easy to understand. I will definitely be recommending him to my friends and family.Thank you Ron!
Jane-Stockton, CA

I am a contractor and have been in the trades for 25 years, The inspection provided was nothing short of excellent. Ron is a true professional with great knowledge in all aspects of construction, in addition he is very trust worthy (a rare attribute in the construction industry) In closing I highly recommend his services. Sincerely,
James Giovannoni-Stockton, CA

Ron, you were great; very friendly and knowledgeable. We appreciate you being so prompt and for not charging extra for crawling under the house or into the attic. Your online services are convenient and also easy to use. We were very satisfied with your services and would recommend you to others. Thank you!
Tammy-Lodi, CA

Ron was very professional and focused on the task at hand which was completing a thorough inspection of a home. A buyer needs to know that status of every item that could be cause for alarm or a decrease in the sales price of the home they are purchasing. Thankfully, this particular home had no surprises that would affect value.
Douglas Heinrich-Windermere Properties

I feel that Ron was very through, and precise about the inspection on our house. He is very friendly and has an adorable little assistant.
Shawna-Stockton, CA

Ron is knowledgeable, honest and professional. He performed a thorough inspection and provided an easy-to-read and detailed report within three days. I highly recommend Ron for all your inspection needs.
Sandra-Stockton, CA

Ron was very helpful. He explained the defects found and how to best repair them. His report included photos so I know exactly what needs attention and why. He also recommended professional tradesmen like himself that I could trust to help me.
Brian-Stockton, CA

Ron was great with my clients and took the time to work around my time and the clients time. will use him again and already have. Sincerly,
George Lourenco-Grupe Real Estate

Ron, Your honesty, promptness and professionalism do not go unnoticed. Thanks for being someone my clients and I can count on!
Gina Carruesco-Grupe Real Estate

I am a Real Estate Broker and I met Ron when i was purchasing a home for myself and he aided in performing a home inspection. Since then I recommended his services to my clients and I always feel comfortable with Ron speaking to them about his findings during the home inspection.
He is very detailed,professional and courteous. I recommend him to everyone as he always goes out of the way to service the buyer and agent
as well.
Janet Ramirez-Integrity Real Estate Center

Ron has a great home inspection service and is very thorough in his inspections, as well as punctual in his appointment times. He presents his inspection findings in a very professional manner to the potential buyers. As a real estate agent, all my buyers have genuinely loved his service and him as a person as well.
Farris Baker-Grupe Real Estate

I met Ron Felton at a home inspection he did a few month ago for one of my clients. I was very impresed with his work. He's very
professional, and his reporst are not only extremely detailed, but also easy to understand, and very helpfull at the time to negotiate a credit
for repairs (even with REO's). Since then, I have been using Ron Felton's Inspection Services every time a client wants a home inspection. My
clients are very satisfied with this reports, they had been able to get credit for repairs, and use this reports as a maintenance tool for their
new home.
Carolina Garcia-Marketing Masters Real Estate Group

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Ron is a great inspector. I have used his services for all my buyers. He is efficient and persistent. He can find things that some
people might overlook. The best thing my clients like is when he sends his reports through e-mail. The information he provides has helped
several of my clients fix things on their own. As far as those who are not 'handy' they can tell the repair person what is wrong and not worry
about being charged for 'extras'. I trust him 100%.
Louise Suarez-Ellis & Associates

Love the website adn the blog- you definetly have taken your service to a whole other level. I searched the intersent for a home
inspector for a few hrs and never found anything like this. Again, youve done an incredible job... Looking forward to reading and viewing more
great information!!!

Ron's service was top notch. He completed his inspection in a reasonable amount of time, was pleasant to work with and very
professional. The true shine came from his report. The inspection report was completely digital and posted on a secure website. The report was complete and featured a lot of pictures with full descriptions. Ron supported his findings with verbal descriptions and even helpful hints. He also was
forthcoming in his comparison with other properties, and in fact his information was influential in our decision to buy.

Ron made this process, usually a scary one for a first time home-buyer, so much fun!! Not only did we figure out that he knew my
family and went to high school with my Uncle, but he was very easy to talk to and explained everything in a way that was easy for me to understand.
The value of this inspection is amazing! You're getting 3 different inspections for only $350!! Thank you so much and keep up the great work!

You Did Best Service.

Your professional service was great!! I have had many inspections with other companies or people and I feel very comfortable with your recommendation. You are not working for money only but you are willing to help your clients. I had very good service from you.
Thank you!

Very nice report give problems in detail thank you!

Your inspection was very thorough. This will help me so much with my "things to do" list when I get the keys to my new home. It was a little scary reading everything, but now I know exactly what I'm getting myself into. Thank you so much.

Thanks for the good job Ron ! I enjoyed talking and discussing with you. And also the format of the report.
BTW, I still haven't got the way to make the payment yet.

A very detailed report! Pictures are worth a thousand words,

Ron does a thorough job with his inspection and is very good at explaining and working with the future buyer and everyone involved. His prices are reasonable. The home buyer gets the reports quickly and the reports are easy to understand.

Ron Felton was very thorough. He took time to answer questions, concerns. His very pleasant personality made this experience actually rather enjoyable! The presentation of the report is professional; the photographs supported identified items needing to be addressed.
Very clear distinction as to immediate concern or a fix to be watched and addressed in the future.
I would definitely recommend Ron to others needing a home inspection.

Ron Felton is THE best home inspector I've ever worked with! Ron is great at explaining the inspection findings with my clients so they have a full understanding of the home. From scheduling the inspection to delivering the written report Ron is truely customer orientated and wonderful to work with. Ron's professionalism and knowledge of the industry makes his service a dependable referral source to recommend to all my clients!
Sheri Aguilar-Grupe Real Estate

The report is very detailed with pictures, easy to understand. Good communications too.

This report was excellent! It was exactly what we were looking for and we can easily tell that Ron has a great deal of experience and loves what he does. Thank you so much for your professional inspection service.


Ron Felton was prompt, courteous, and very informative. He took the time to provide detailed explanations and recommendations on everything he found, all of which was included in a detailed yet easy to read report. Very patient and I never felt rushed. Great service at a fair value!

Ron Felton is excellent. He is very accomodating and gets the reports back to us in an amazing turn around rate!
Stephanie Valdez-The Grupe Corporation

Greatly appreciated your thoroughness and willness to discuss your findings during the inspection. I felt very comfortable knowing exactly what I was purchasing after your inspection.

Overall fantastic service delivering real value to home owners both short and long term
Smooth scheduling process, timely reminders and easy payment;
Comprehensive report with easy-to-follow pictures and graph illustrations;
Really appreciated the video on repairs, such as exterior crack repair video;
Detailed explanation during inspection with great tips on repairs;
Tech savvy and environment friendly:-)
Wish we could receive written report sooner than 5 days even if we won't get all reports together: inspected on 7.27, received reports on 8.1

I was very pleased with the services provided. Ron and his assistant were very thorough, courteous and professional. I was very pleased with the services provided. Ron and his assistant were very thorough, courteous and professional.

I would like to say Thank You! My husband I are first time homebuyers and Ron made us feel comfortable all the way through the inspection and took time to explain any and all findings (and what to do to fix the problems). If and when we choose to purchase another home we will be calling Ron....Thanks again :)

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We were very impressed and happy with Ron and his inspection of our home. He took the time to fix a few things that were he found and gave us websites to information to make other repairs to items in the home.

This was some of the best service I received in sometime. He arrived earliy and was willing to stay late. Ron is beyond knowledgeable and an expert at what he does. If i were to be asked if i reccommended him to others it would be without question. Although this was a personal examination revealing all the flaws in the property i wanted to make my home, Ron made me feel as if w e were old friends at a bbq. Very pleased and satisfied and reccommend to anyone looking to have an inspection done.

Great job! Ron is friendly, personable, and most importantly highly knowledgeable. Highly recommended!

I am a realtor who lives and works in the Lodi area. Ron Felton and his team have always done an outstanding service for me. My last transaction with him had a few problems that needed to be resolved. None of his work or his team members and he personally stepped up to the plate and helped me through. I would highly recommend him for any of your future home inspections.
Kathy Wooton-Sherman And Associates

What a pleasure to work with you. Everything was absoultely ethical, professional and on-time. Your report was thorough and well presented. I especially appreciated the time you took to show me first hand the issues you discovered with the house we are planning to purchase. I would use your company again in a heartbeat and will gladly recommend you to anyone looking for a home inspection.
Rev. Terrell Eldreth-Stockton

Hi Ron,
Thanks for inspecting the prop. 2517. You did a good job. I took a view/look the link.
Well, roof must be repaired/ fixed and what part(s) of the property must be repaired/fixed?
Thanks Ron,
Good night and God bless,

Dear Ron,
Thank you so much for the thorough home inspection! Not only was every area of our new home gone over with a fine-tooth comb, but you were very helpful and personable as you went over your findings with us. It was a pleasure doing business with you, and we will highly recommend you to our friends!
Rob & Katie-Galt

Ron Felton did a fantastic job for us, not only in the inspection itself but in taking extra time to explain some of the findings to myself and my client. He also get the report to us remarkably fast, a great help in a quick-closing deal.
I look forward to working together in the future.
Bob Walter-Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

Excellent inspection. My clients were very happy with the results and all the information and tips you shared with them!
Louise Suraez-Cindy Ellis Real Estate

Ron has completed two inspections for us and if and when we need another inspection, we would want Ron to do it. He is complete and does not mind answering the many questions we had for him. He's an honest person who cares for people. We trust his professional opinion and we came away from both inspections fully confident in his findings. This company is one in only a few trustworthy companies we've worked with.

Very thorough and knowledgeable.

easy to get to my Report.........
Anthony Budhai-Grupe Real Estate

After meeting Ron and his team we were very comfortable with the minor findings and his thorough recommendations. We were really nervous prior to the inspection after watching, "Home Inspections Gone Wrong" on HGTV! Aha But Ron gave us all the info needed to ease our mind and move forward with being FIRST TIME HOME BUYERS!!!!

Another smooth inspection done with knowledge and attention to details.
Dave Harmon-Grupe Real Estate

Your professional information shared with us in the review of the items found during the inspection helped to understand the prioritization of the list of repairs that we will need to do once in the property and to understand that possible big problems can be corrected by small repairs that can make a difference in the long run.

Ron is a very professional inspector. He inspected my property every area in detail and gave me his best opinions. He did extra inspection like mold and mildew. He spent time to check heating/cooling system, drain system. He took many photos for visual damage or from equipment indicator to support his report. Systematic report and wonderful inspection. Thank you Ron and I will refer you to my friends. I appreciated the value you had done the inspection for my property.
Best regards,

Ron and his crew are very professional and efficient. Had a positive experience and hope to do more business with them in the near future.

Go Here To See a Complete List of Our Customer Feedback

Thanks Ron, AS alway you go above and beyond.
Doug Boscacci-PMZ Real Estate

I have to say I was EXTREMELY impressed at how Ron took time with me to walk me through his findings, give complete explanations, and make sure I was comfortable. The gentleman that he had assisting him was thorough, pleasant, and obviously enjoyed doing what he did.
I would ABSOLUTELY use Ron again, and would gladly recommend him to anyone. His integrity, knowledge, and honesty make him stand out and I was grateful to my lender for calling on him!
Victoria-Suisin City

Ron Felton did an excellent job on the home inspection and even went the extra step to fix a few things around those house that needed attention! Thanks Ron!!!!!
Bob Blower-Blower Real Estate

Thank you so much for your fast, professional attention to detail. I look forward to doing business in the near future.
Dave Cutler-Ellis & Associates Realty

Good job. I like the ease of receiving the report online.
Connie Baker-Grupe Real Estate

Ron, I've purchased eight homes over the years, and this is by FAR the most comprehensive and thorough inspection report I've received. Your professionalism and helpful suggestions during the inspection are very much appreciated.

Good job great April fools joke.

I use Ron on all my home inspections. He does a wonderful job and is so helpful to all of my clients. Thanks Ron for everything.
Carrie Silva-Remax Stockton

Ron and Doug were knowledgeable and thorough; they did a great job. They were professional and personable; a pleasure to talk with. I would certainly recommend them to others.
Scott & Brenna-Stockton

I was very pleased with the inspecter everthing was explained very thurally all my questions and concerns were met.

Once again Ron served my clients in a very informative & professional manner.
Dave Harmon-Grupe Real Estate

Ron was wonderful to work with. He took his time and was very polite, respectful and knowledgeable. I will definetly refer him to other buyers. I also appreciated the fact that he could arrange the Pest Control & Roof Inspections on my clients behalf.
Jan Fetzik-Docter & Docter Real Estate

Ron is a good inspector whom I trust.
I used him many times because he is responsible of every detail even tiny stuff during the inspection.
Rick Liu

Good job.

Good customer service. Fast response. Thanks
Claire Hufana

George Lourenco-Grupe Real Estate

Overall a enjoyable experience. Our man took the time to explain and answer all questions

Ron did a fantastic job and he goes out of his way to make sure things work even if he has to do some small repairs himself!!! Thanks for all your solid help Ron!!!!
Bob Blower-Blower Real Estate

Ron portrayed utmost professionalism throughout the home inspection and was extremely helpful. He was very thorough in the inspection and did a great job keeping myself and my family informed on any concerns that we may have regarding the residence. He was more than knowledgeable regarding issues with the residence and have more than quelled our doubts with the house. It was an extreme pleasure to have worked with him and would highly recommend him to future home buyers. Thank you for doing an excellent job and rest assured that the next time I purchase a house, your services will be utilized.

On time. On message. Great.

Absolute Pleasure to deal with, Very knowledgeable & thorough. Would definitely use the service again as well as recommend to anyone.

Great Service. I like the combined package. Save time and money and I only needed to make one call to schedule all three appointment.
I appreciated the quick response and the quality of the reports was excellent. I will continue to refer all my buyers to you.
Thank You,
Jerry Abbott, President-Grupe Real Estate

Prompt and professional! Very thorough and will give us a great baseline for repairs/improvements.
Thanks you very much!

We were very happy with the thorough job Ron did on our house! He made absolute sure everything was working properly and explained very well the little things we would have to fix. We recommend Ron strongly to anyone needing a home inspection!

We were pleasantly surprised with the thorough inspection performed by your company. The inspector was knowledgeable, arrived on time as scheduled and answered all our questions professionally. Will certainly do business with you in the future.
M. Rahman-Stockton

Another great inspection! My clients were 100% satisfied with your expertise!
Thanks Ron!
Stephanie Valdez-The Grupe Corporation

Great service as always, will continue to send more referrals your way
Benjamin Huynh-PMZ Real Estate

Thank You!

Wow! Ron, Thank You so much for all your efforts and the education you provided along with our home inspection. I can not tell you how refreshing it was to meet someone with genuine concern for others, someone willing to go out of their way to help, and someone that means what they say and says what they mean... A TRUE PROFESSIONAL is a rare thing these days, Thanks for being one.

Excellent and extremely knowledgeable service and they went to every length to deliver a thorough inspection. Was definitely worth the every penny. I would recommend their service to anyone buying a home, but especially to a first time home buyer like myself.

Ron was extremely thorough and detailed both in his inspection and the resulting report. He was also very friendly, and took the time to explain to me what he was doing during the inspection. He is very knowledgable and goes the extra mile to do outstanding work. I have no doubt that any issues with the property have been noted and the report will assist us in our purchase of the home. I would recommend Home Inspection Services to anyone.
Brian-Elk Grove

Very professional, energetic, and very through.

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I would not use anybody else for one of my clients' -- or my own -- home inspections.
Bob Walter- Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

I am really happy with the work that Ron and his partner did on my home. They checked everything that need to be addressed.
Thank you

Thank you!

Very good format. Wow 140 pictures! I like how you can access all reports from one page. I like your service and how you delt with my clients, will be using you soon for my next deal. The link is not up for the pool inspection yet.
Brian Barringer-C21MM Tracy

Ron Felton exceeded every expectation we could have had in a home inspection. The report we received was extremely thorough (67 pages with color pictures), easy to understand, and provided us with a great understanding of what needed to be done now and in the near future for our new home. If I ever need another home inspection, Ron will be the first one I'll call.

Home Inspection Services is a really great company. Scheduling is a snap and getting the inspection in a timely manor is really a plus. I like the fact, I can order all 3 inspections in a bundle and they are all done by very reputable companies. I would suggest Home Inspection Services by Ron Felton to all of my buyers.
Julie Cole-PMZ Real Estate

I was pleased with their promptness.
Ron was very thorough and knowledgeable and willing to share suggestions and instructions on correcting any issues he saw that needed attention. I will not hesitate in using Home Inspection Services in the future.
Brad Pfeiffer-Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

Absolutely great service. You know the area so well that you were able to explain things about the property that others may have not known. Very impressed and will use your services regularly.
Thank you!

Deborah Long-Simplified Inc.

I was thoroughly impressed with the inspection service. I found it to be very thorough and complete. The tyechnician was efficient and very knowledgeable. He was quite willing to share his knowledge and readily answered any questions that I had. I would recommend this companies services to anyone in need of inspection services.

I appreciate how Ron answered all my questions. He is very thorough and detailed in the inspection process.

The service is great, inpector is nice and friendly.


Doug was great! He was very thorough with the inspection. He clearly explained everything that was wrong with our home. It was easy and understandable. We appreciate his work. Thank you!
Robert & Michelle

Great Service every time!!! :)
Connie Espinosa-Grupe Real Estate

I feel very satisfied with the home inspection. I highly recommend this company for a home inspection.

Great customer service - available and very responsive.

Hi I hope I can win..!!

Expert inspection. Clear explanations. Great Report. Peace of mind attained.
Tim Weimer-Modesto

Excellent service, Ron is one of the most professional, and knowledgable inspectors i've worked with! his attention to details overlooked by most give all a level of confidence in their decision to purchase. Thanks Ron, you're the BEST!!!
Teresa Flewellyn-PMZ Real Estate

Inspector was extremely thorough, and very professional.

thank you for your great job 

The service was great. Ron answered alot of questions and made us feel comforable with his response. He explained everything in great detail.

You always do a phenomenal job and are always available. Thank you so much for all your help Ron.
Kathleen Ennis-Remax Stockton

Thank you for your assistance and quick response to my request and concerns.
Chennete Carter

You guys did Excellent,Fantastic,Awesome and all the rest of greatest words out there, from pointing out the biggest defects to the smallest ones. Each picture shows it all. Thank you!!!!!!! Keep up the GREAT WORK..


Our family received a very detailed report. The report allows us as buyers to feel confident in the home we are purchasing and knowledgeable about the items that need repair.

Go Here To See a Complete List of Our Customer Feedback

The report arrived on schedule as expected.


The process was smooth. The guy performing the inspection were great! Thanks
Victoria-Elk Grove

Great Service !!

You guys were very helpful and informative. I look forward to seeing you guys again in the future. Thanks for all your help.

I was very pleased with the time and care that Doug Pfaff took to explain the entire home inspection. Thanks Doug you've made this a pleasant experience.

Im a first time home buyer and the inspectors were AWESOME! they explained everything to me in a way that I was able to understand. Also they answered my questions very honestly

We were very happy with our home inspector Doug. He was very personable and knowledgeable; he explained things so we understood, instead of using technical terms. We will definitely recommend Home Inspection Services to friends!! Thank you for all of your help!
Ashley & Jason-Lodi

First of all I would like to thank Ron and his assistant for taking pride in what they do. They walked me thuough the home explaining what was needed, made sure I understood what was done through out the entire home inspection. They also suggested helpful tips for the small improvements that were needed to maintain the home. Over all I was absolutely pleased with there honesty, and without a doubt I would recommend Home Inspection Service. Awesome job guys!!!!!!!
Thank You!

Ron was great to work with, he is very punctual, courteous, and has a vast knowledgeable of residential construction and the inner workings of the many electrical components in a home. His inspection was very detailed and I appreciated the suggestions on how to do some of the work myself.

I was really impressed by how thorough and detailed the inspection was. The report was sent to my e-mail in two days, and it was easy to understand. Ron is very articulate, and explained all issues, so that we could make informed decisions.

Thank you so much for getting everything done so quickly! Homebuying can be stressfull and it helps to have an enjoyable team working with us. Your report was thorough and detailed, and contained so much great information. We will defenetly refer your services to family and friends.

I was a bit skeptical. After calling a couple inspectors that my realator gave me i decided to find my own. From the first moments of thier helpfull customer service to the inspection itself, i was impressed. He was informative, patient, professional and very helpful. You get the sense that he loves his job & he enjoys being helpful. I truly enjoyed my experience & look foreward to future business with them!

I was incredibly impressed by Mr. Ron's professional, knowledge and sincerity to explaining so many helpful home owner needs. You were very thorough, Honest, Verbal and emailed report easy to understand, Very helpful performed and excellent service. I would recommend him to anybody to first time home buyers. For us he went above and beyond expectation.

Having not purchased a home for over 30yrs. I was clueless as to how the process of a home inspection takes place. I was completely put at ease with Ron's knowledge and professionalism and at the same time his great humor. He allowed me to ask lots of question about the house I was purchasing and answered them all with full explanations. He was so very helpful in all the info he shared with everyone...I would recommend Ron and the company he works with for all inspections...Sincerly

Great service... will definitely use you again in the near future. thank you!

Ron Felton’s home inspection report was very thorough and explained every item in detail. The pictures were clear and the analysis was easy to understand. Very professional and an excellent choice for “Home Inspection Services”. I will refer your services to a friend.

Amazing detail substantiated with meaningful photos.
Dave Harmon-Grupe Real Estate

This was my first home inspection so I wasn't sure what to expect going into it. Ron was very thorough and explained anything that I was unclear on. The overall inspection went very well and the report was very easy to read and understand. I feel very confident in the inspection and Ron made it very clear to me that if I were to need him in the near future, he would be there. Thanks Ron!!!

I was incredibly impressed by Ron Felton's professional,
expertise and openness to explaining so many helpful home owning tips. I
feel more than confident in Ron Felton's inspection report and am
comforted by knowing that I will have access to his knowledge for any
future home owner needs.

Ron was very helpful. He explained the defects found and how to best repair them. His report included photos so I know exactly what needs attention and why. He also recommended professional tradesmen like himself that I could trust to help me.

I feel that Ron was very through, and percise about the
inspection on our house. He is very friendly and has an adorable little

Great Job

It is a very good service

Just want to thank you for your prompt service. Coming out in one days notice is great. Its also great to know that you are certified in the different areas. We will be using you in the future and recommend you to our clients.

Thanks Ron!
Thank you so much for your assistance with my nervous buyers. You were great! And thanks for getting the report to us so quickly!
KArrie-Keller Williams, Danville

Very knowledgeable and thourough. Thanks so much.

Really informative and friendly service.

From beginning to end, our experience with Ron Felton's Home Inspection Services has been awesome. This is the 2nd time in a year where we have needed a Home Inspection and I would not have asked anyone else. He and his staff are very knowledgable, courteous, and the fast turn around time is very much appreciated. They answered all our questions and took the time to go over any findings in detail. A big THANK YOU goes out to the Home Inspection Services Team!
Scot & Sherry-Sacramento

You are the best home inspection.

Thank you for taking the time to answer all of my questions and address even the "silly" ideas I questioned you about on our inspection. Looking forward to moving day!

very professional and helpfull!!

I was very happy with the service they are prompt and the inspector was very polite and experienced

Thanks for doing an outstanding job on our recent home inspection. We felt the utmost confidence in what you told us about the property. We appreciate the time you spent going over the property. We will be recommending you and your services to others who are looking for a home inspection. Thanks so very much!
Jerry & Dorothy-Stockton

What a way to get things done! The whole process was completed amazingly quickly and easily.

very professional and explained everything in layman terms

The energy put into this report is matched only by it's stunning attention to detail.

It's a very great experience.

Very helpful and detailed. Gave our clients great customer service, showing them all the different features of their home. Went above and beyond to make the home owner feel comfortable about their purchase. Would highly recommend this company!!!
Sue-Elk Grove

Another fully detailed report. Thanks!
Doug Boscacci-PMZ, Stockton

Thank you!
Cindy Ellis-Ellis and Associates, Lodi

Simple and easy
Glenn Woodard-Grupe Real Estate, Stockton vv

Very quick and info laden inspection with lots of background.

We have had good experience with this company in our Real estate trasnactions.
Ryan Williams-Prudential, Modesto

that it is an exelent & professional service.

Ron Felton and Doug are knowledgeable at home inspections. They also takes time to explain and teach home buyers what they've seen and simple ways to maintain the home. Ron is a great resource person. Even after the inspection if you have any questions they can be easily contacted and you get the response quickly. Great job . Its great working with you.
Leah Galan-Grupe Real Estate, Stockton

I am very impressed with the inspection done on my house(hopefully my house). The price was worth receiving the most thorough inspection that I have ever seen. I will use Ron again if I am ever to buy another house.

Thought it was a great inspection he checktout everything I recommend it to anyone buying a house, great job.

As a Real Estate Agent, I am completely satisfied with the home inspections conducted by Ron Felton. He is always responsive, coordinating his schedule with my clients' availability. His reports are thorough, accurate, and very timely. He helps me determine the issues needing to be addressed immediately and those that are potential issues for future maintenance requirements. He has even helped a client who was in New York and took the time to walk through the house using skype so the client was part of the inspection process and heard directly from Ron the issues needing attention. Ron Felton....he's the best.
Jodeane Fischer-ReMax Gold, Stockton

great service

Thank you for the excellent detailed work that you did inspecting the property that I was about to purchase. I like the detail explanation of what was wrong and the fact that you included the way to fix the problem and how much it would cost. Great Job.

I have been in Real estate for 20 years! Doug was the BEST inspector I have ever used!! I will be calling your company again when I get my next escrow.
Kelly Morgan-J. Rockliff Realtors, Danville

Doug was an outstanding inspector. Very thorough with the full inspection and his explanations to us. He was very informative. We were pleasantly surprised to get the report back a day early then provided. Doug will definitely be recommended to friends and family.

Thanks so much for your video on YouTube. Now after a quick fix my dishwasher is no longer flooding underneath my sink. Due to your diagnosis and description I learned the line to our disposal was blocked (Sunflower seeds from my brother-in-law over Thanksgiving) and you showed me how to easily fix it! Yippeee!!! Thanks so much for taking the time to help others!
Ruth Baumgartner-Bozeman, Montanna

Inspector was friendly and informative. Thank you

Very good service and very detailed report. Professional job.
Sandra Li-Coldwell Banker

Inspection was thorough and well explained. Ron took ample time to provide detail on each phase of the inspection as well as answer any and all question we had during the process. The report provided was extremely detailed with information as well as pictures of areas being discussed. I would definitely recommend.

Thank you for your quick response and for the excellent inspection you did. The roof looked great so we were surprised to see that it was leaking so much and causing water damage that was not visible to us. Since this is covered in Section 1 and the lender is paying for it, you have saved the buyer a lot of money and misery.
I always look forward to working with you. Your bundled service of Roof, Termite and Home inspection save so much time and money. I appreciate the time I save by having all of the inspections coordinated by you.
Thank you,
Jerry Abbott-President, Grupe Real Estate

Great service
Deborah Long-Simplified Inc.

Best service with Home Inspector Experts...
Grace Erickson-Grupe Real Estate, Stockton

Very pleased with the professionalism and service provided, would definately recommend.


This Team is very proffesional and flexible at the same time. For the price and the service that your getting? absolutely a good choice.
Thank You
Neil Weigel-Fremont

Good service!

The most thorough and comprhensive survey I have ever seen!

Thank you Doug for taking the time to explain in detail what you found at the property you inspected for me. It was nice to be there through the whole process. I will definitely call your company again if i have to get another home inspection.

I was very impressed on how professional, nice and knowledgable the guys were. They explained what they were finding and I really appreciated that! I would recommend this company to anyone who is buying a house!

It was great working with Ron and Doug. The team is quite tech savvy and knowledgeable. Please make your feedback form a single/multiple choice survey to get a comprehensive view of your services. Your newsletter is a great way to offer seasonal tips and common local problems on rental and resident properties. If you would like to become local leader in home inspection services, then knowledge sharing is important.